This year, Union Presbyterian Seminary would like to offer a special gift to our alums and friends with the hope that we can provide support in the Advent season.

Beginning on November 29th, we will share  a daily devotion written by our alums. Alums and other interested folks will be able to subscribe via email and receive the devotion each day, without having to look for it. You will also be able to share the devotions with your friends and congregations when you copy and paste the link.

It is our hope that these daily devotions will encourage folks to pause and refocus in the midst of the holiday rush. We also hope these devotions will foster community and solidarity with one another as we face the joys and struggles of working in ministry during the Advent season. There is no time in the schedule for all of the Union family to gather together around a table for Christmas dinner; however we can gather together through prayer and devotion.

We hope that you will find peace and joy in our first seasonal devotion, and know that our prayers go with you this Advent season!

Union Presbyterian Seminary
Alumni Development and Church Relations

To receive these devotions via email:
Just click “Follow” on the right side of this page!

**Thank you to Heather Jones (M.Div. 2nd year) for her beautiful contribution to Union Presbyterian Seminary worship services this Advent season through her original artwork pictured above.**

If you can’t wait for our devotions to go begin, jump over to “Congregational Corner” to find our reflections on congregational ministry!


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