Thursday, December 3

“You use your mouth for evil and harness your tongue to deceit. You sit and testify against your brother and slander your own mother’s son.”
Psalm 50:19-20

As we go through Advent, and say to people “Peace on Earth” and “Merry Christmas”,   I wonder if we consider how we use our mouths at other times in the year.  Do we sometimes “use our mouths for evil?”  In our homes, in our workplaces or schools, in our conversations about politics – even in our churches – do we focus on speaking in love?

In Psalms we are reminded that God not only expected, but judged the people by the words that came from their mouths.

Recently I heard a person in a church verbally attack another for expressing an opinion with which he disagreed.  His words were vicious.  His body language was almost threatening and he gave no credence to the fact that the other person might have some value as a human being. How pompous!  How selfish! How unfair!  How “unChristlike” he was.

This Advent let us be intentional about telling the truth, treating one another with dignity, being less judgmental, and fulfilling God’s will. Our world, our communities, our homes and our churches will be much more like God wants us to be, if we do.

A prayer for this day:
Dear God, Help us to realize that our words carry great importance.  Let us use them wisely, and with the sensitivity and love which you expect. May our holiday wishes be honest and kind, and affirmed by our actions.
In your name we pray, 

Dr. Heath K. Rada (MA, 1970)
Moderator, PC(USA) 221st General Assembly


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